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PHPDoctor - The PHP API Documentation Creator


API output screenshot

PHPDoctor is an attempt to create a simpler and faster PHPDoc (Javadoc style comment parser for PHP) that produces standards compliant HTML.

It is designed with an emphasis on speed and simplicity, meaning it is not as fully featured as the PEAR PHPDoc program, but is simple to configure, use, and extend, and should be able to generate API documentation from your existing un-edited PHP code in only a few minutes.

We are looking for people to help test the latest release candidate by running it against as much PHP code as possible. Read this if you want to help.


Download the latest version of PHPDoctor as a zip or a tar.

You can also clone the project with Git by running:

git clone git://

Once you're ready, read the installation instructions.


PHP 4.3.0+ is required due to use of the PHP tokenizer extension. The tokenizer is built into PHP 4.3.0 by default, PHPDoctor may work with older versions of PHP with the tokenizer extension enabled but it has not been tested and you are recommended to upgrade to 4.3.0+ for using this program.



Below are two examples of PHPDoctor generated API documentation. The first is documentation of PHPDoctor itself, the second of the popular Smarty templating engine.

You can generate the PHPDoctor documentation for yourself, simply run PHPDoctor with the default.ini config file supplied in the archive.